Acro Yoga


It turns out not a lot of people knew that for the past two months or so I’ve been practicing Acro Yoga pretty regularly. It started back in January (while maybe slightly drunk) when a new friend showed me the ropes on some poses during a party. While I didn’t think about it legitimately until this summer, I decided to start taking some real classes on a weekly basis.

I bought a membership to an aerial studio in SoMa – they also have classes for silks or rings. Think acrobatics, mostly. The other part of the studio is for acro which is what I have taken to. I am so eager and ready to learn more and coming to class once a week has been amazing but very challenging.

I got Drew more interested in it as well, which means that he can be the base and I can be the flyer and then we can jam together in the park when he “works from home” some days. We’re having a lot of fun practicing together and learning how to communicate about different movements and flows between our bodies. For the most part we’ve been pretty good… but that’s not to say Drew hasn’t dropped me on my head before.

The main reason I’ve loved it so much is because I think it’s amazing to watch and I’m so inspired by people who are really skilled at it. I love watching YouTube and Instagram videos of pairs of people doing insane things on top of each other’s bodies that I never thought possible. But then again I didn’t think my body could do some of the things that it has learned the past 10 weeks.

I am excited to sign up for a 15-hour weekend intensive to fully immerse myself in acro. It’ll be challenging to keep my stamina and core strong for that long, but I will come out of it so much better (I hope!). For those of you who don’t know what acro yoga is, watch this video. Maybe that’ll be me one day!