You should all know by now that I’m dog obsessed and that I started walking dogs part time a few months ago. I’m so happy spending time with all these furballs, talking to strangers in the park, and learning more about different dog personalities and how to work with them. Since I can’t have a dog of my own currently, I relish the hours of the day I get to spend with them, which have been so great for my daily step count and mental health!

I’ve even (sort of) acclaimed dog-related fame: http://www.crowdalbum.com/album/561931af61707039e2000263/NorCal-CorgiCon_20151010.

Most days, you can find me at the dog park, a dog-related event in the city, or just petting a dog on the sidewalk. It’s a beautiful thing that there are more dogs in SF than there are kids! And a big thank you to all dog owners who let their little babies be such a huge part of my daily happiness.

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