Paris for a Quick Minute

Being back in Paris feels like that moment when you walk in the door of your house/apartment and you smell that smell of familiarity – you feel safe and home. It’s like when you can make it from your bed to the bathroom in the dark without bumping into anything. There are some things that are engrained so deeply in my memory, and being back here is… good. I think that when you use the word good to really mean that something gives you pleasure, makes you happy, or fulfills you, there is no other way to describe it beyond it being just that: good. 

Paris was good to me for the 4 months I studied here in 2012. Paris is good to me now, with the sun shining, the smell of stale cigarettes in the air, and the city alive with summertime.

I lust for a life here. I lust for the ultimate comfort I have in San Francisco with so many people I love near me. Creating a new life here would be a challenge, but I think I’ll regret it if I don’t try one day.

4 days back is not enough time for me to eat all the food I want to try, to see all the streets I used to love and to explore new ones, or to meet make good new friends. I could probably use all the time in the world. But I can’t have my crêpes and eat them too.

A bientôt Paris, my chérie. I will be back soon. 

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