All My Epics Have Happy Endings

Taylor and I spent two amazing weeks in what I would now say are some of my new favorite cities in the world. We definitely embraced the “adventure is out there” motto since there were some times when we weren’t sure what would happen next, or where we’d end up. That’s the best thing about not having a plan – it means some of the best stories are about to unfold, and living them may be a bit frightening, but laughing about it after makes it all worth it in the end.

Here’s a overview of our 2 weeks in numbers:

  • 2 countries, 5 cities visited
  • 1 shoe casualty
  • 1 toenail casualty
  • 1 maß (beer stein) casualty
  • 1 foot (some blisters) casualty
  • 2 encounters with the police
  • 15 (give or take) liters of beer drank
  • 4 pretzels eaten
  • 4 bratwurst eaten
  • 12 scoops of ice cream consumed
  • 6 total hamburgers eaten in 3 different cities
  • 2 planes, 3 trains, 3 long bus rides taken
  • 6 different beds/couches slept in

We started out in Berlin, staying at Johannes’ apartment, although he was not actually there. When we showed up for his girlfriend to let us in on Wednesday morning, our first day there, he didn’t tell us which apartment to ring so we ended up waiting outside for a solid 15 minutes and asking a stranger to use their phone to call him. Eventually it all worked out and we had a great stay in Berlin.

In Hamburg, things went a little more smoothly, minus Taylor breaking her shoe one day while walking around, and a house party getting broken up by the German police. They’re not super warm, those guys. Martin and I had just left the party to put our shoes on in the hallway when Taylor was still inside saying her goodbyes and the police showed up, demanding the hosts to hand over their IDs due to a noise complaint. Taylor was trapped inside as Martin and I were free on the outside. It was quite hilarious, he even asked the police if Taylor could come out and leave with us and they said no. Of course Tay and I understood none of what they were saying but she got out 10 minutes later.

Our next police encounter happened when we were going from Munich to Poing, a small suburb where Julius’s family lives. After spending the evening out with Julius in Munich, he left us and went to his friends apartment and Taylor and I began our adventure to Poing. While we waited on the train platform, all of a sudden Taylor remembered we didn’t have the keys from Julius to get in the house. I took off running to get to Julius’s platform and like a scene from a movie I was screaming his name as the doors of his train closed and he threw the keys out to me. When Taylor and I got on our train, so did the police controllers, asking everyone for their tickets. Now, until Munich, we hadn’t exactly paid for pub trans – it’s sort of on the honor system in Germany, unless of course there’s controllers. When the police asked us for our tickets, Taylor remembered Julius had them. of course. they told us we had to pay 40 euro and when we said we didn’t have it they said, “That’s a problem.” Playing sweet American tourist doesn’t work so well in Germany. They told us we could get off at the next stop, buy tickets, then wait for the next train. Unfortunately for us it was close to 11:30, we were a 20 minute train ride away from our stop, the last bus left Poing at 12:04, and we had to wait at the station for 20 more minutes for our next train. We got off at Poing at 12:02, ran like hell to catch the bus, and I ended up running after it waving my arms like an idiot screaming, “BUS!” as it drove away into the night.

We walked around poing for 15 minutes looking for ANYONE, but that town is in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, and we were lucky to come across a hotel that was closing its doors and called us a taxi to take us to home sweet home. I wouldn’t highly recommend staying in Poing in the future.

I loved Germany a lot. Everyone is attractive. They put ketchup on any/everything. German doesn’t always sound angry. They don’t like vegetables. And so many other great generalizations I came to find during my two weeks there.

I already miss all my friends there and I’m looking forward to the next time I’m back.

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