Embrace the Adventure

Taylor and I finally made it on the train from Hamburg to Nuremburg (we think). We left my friend Martin’s apartment at 11:15 to take the 25 minute bus to the city’s main train station, but ended up on the wrong bus and got out shortly after and opted for a taxi. Oops. It only cost €10 and since we never paid for transportation in Hamburg we justified our splurge. We got to the train station, found our platform, and got on the train. When we lugged our heavy suitcases on board through the maze of bags already on the tiny ass train car, we asked someone if it was going to our stop and they said no. Back off the train. We asked a couple more people on the platform and they told us it was the next one, but we were weary since none of the signs read Nürnberg. We got on the next one and found what we thought was our reserved seats, but no go. We went through the train and found 2 empty seats to sit our sweaty asses in while we figured our shit out. I was a little stressed. Taylor decided to walk all the way through the train to find out what was going on, and came back to tell me she found our spots and we were on the right train. Hallelujah! Let’s hope we make it in one piece. 

Now I’m sitting in our Harry Potter-like compartment as we train through the German countryside. 

So far we’ve spent two and a half days in Berlin at my friend Johannes’s apartment, then bused to Hamburg and spent four nights at my friend Martin’s, and now we’re making an unexpected stop in Nuremburg to see my friend Julius before we go to Munich. All of these people I met very randomly and have only spent a short amount of time with before coming here. My life continues with a theme of making friends with strangers, and I know there are many more adventures to come!


Martin & the girls

All these adventures began with The first Crazysash World Adventure: 17-year-old Sash, traveled to France alone to stay with a strange French family. I remember being so nervous flying so far all by myself. I got off the airplane and waited for a girl and her father to appear and hopefully recognize me. They took me home, and I’m sure all I said for the first 24 hours was, “Okay!” I used their phone to call my parents and cry – I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying and I wanted to come home.

Slowly, it got better. And of course, soon I didn’t want to come home at all. Roxane and I became like sisters, staying up late giggling on each other’s beds. She got me drunk for the first time (pretty sure all I had was two shots of tequila) and I felt silly and free and fully happy in this different world.

Roxane was my first real foreign friend, one I’m seeing again for the fourth time when I visit her this trip. I met Martin through my uncle Jeremy who hosted Martin as a couch surfer in San Francisco more than two years ago. I met Julius through Jeremy as well, and I thank god my uncle loved to introduce me to cute foreign boys!

Leaving Hamburg, I feel like my travels here have helped me come full circle with Jeremy’s death in a way. While visiting the orphanages in Laos last year was life-changing, staying with these people I would never have known if not for Jeremy is very special to me. There are so many people around the world who only know Jeremy like I do, people who may have met him in a customs line in an airport once and been invited over for a meal. Or people who stayed at his house once then traveled with him to Mexico and had mayonnaise making contests. I love to laugh about the crazy shit Jeremy would do with people who understood him best, and I’m forever thankful for these friends I’ve made because of him. 

I got my sense of adventure from my grandma and Jeremy – two people who are no longer here but whom I admire so greatly. I’m going to continue to have Crazysash World Adventures as long as I can, and I promise to send you a postcard one day.

Tay and Sash take Hamburg

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