The Savers

I come from a family of savers. Not to be closely confused with the saver’s first cousin, the hoarder. It’s a blessing and a curse to be an “accumulator.” It means keeping mementos you might stumble upon that can bring tears to your eyes. Or it can also mean opening up a closet of skeletons, or maybe, in the Sommer family, that closet is actually a cabinet full of soda cans from 1970 or a tin of cigarette ashes (yes, I have truly encountered this).

Edith is the Sommer champion of savers. In fact, one time this summer while I was living at her house, I bought Edith a new scrubbing brush for her dishes. Hers was clearly two years too old and past its scrubbing prime and was in desperate need of an upgrade. So I, being a normal sane human being, purchased a new one for approximately $1.99 and threw the old one away. I came back to the sink the next day, eager to try out my spiffy new brush, only to find the likes of the ghost of scrubber’s past BACK in the kitchen sink. “What is this doing here?!” I asked Edith. “Oh, you know me. I can never throw anything away,” she said. “No grandma. This is disgusting. I’m throwing it outside.” And I marched Mr. Scrubby out to the garbage never to be seen again.

I bring up saving for one particular reason. Saving is what we do in our family. For better or worse, it’s something I can’t get away from. I say that this trait gets a little better with every generation, but I can still be kind of a pack rat. While I may have gotten a bit of this habit from my grandma, I also inherited a lot of her other amazing traits: her independence, sense of adventure, and love of all things French. I’m so lucky to have such an inspiring 88-year old role model in my life, and it’s been a rough past few months seeing her lose a lot of important things in her life because of cancer.

For my birthday on January 21, 2015,  I want to help save something a little more meaningful. I’ve done this before and I want to do it again – raise money for the American Cancer Society. I have 23 days to raise $2,300 and I would be so so happy to achieve my goal instead of getting any gifts this year (my apartment is far too small for me to accept more crap). So, for you all-too-generous people in my life, help me donate to the ACS in honor of my grandma, Edith, and in memory of my uncle, Jeremy, who passed away in August 2013.

While my grandma has been getting stronger bit by bit every day, it still pains me to see cancer take away so much in such a short period of time. I say it all the time, but cancer really does suck.

Please visit my donation page here or let me know some other way if you would like to donate.

Donation page:

Sending you lots of love, health, and happiness for this New Year.


One thought on “The Savers

  1. Shonna Sommer says:

    when my grandpa passed away we went through his apartment and found 8 rectal thermometers or something ridiculous like that. those sommers!

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