Crazysash World Adventure #4: Southeast Asia


My parents in Laos April, 2013 distributing underwear

After I graduate from college, I will be traveling to Southeast Asia. Yep, in 48 days this girl will be done with education and making my way in the real world. As scary as that sounds, it’s even more comforting knowing that I don’t have a job or source of income or anywhere to live starting July 5! I’m not worry about all that ’til I get back, though…

Just kidding mom and dad! I’m excited to see what comes in the next few months and I’m making serious strides to get my ass up to San Francisco where I can start living there for real. After the past year and half of exploring the city I have fallen madly in love with, I realize it’s my time to take on SF in full force.

But before that is my next adventure to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam with my cousin Shonna. We’re both so excited to explore a part of the world we have never experienced and more importantly, visit a place that was very special to my uncle Jeremy. Jeremy was closely involved with the Windhorse Foundation, which helps provide educational, financial, health related, clothing, and other forms of support to poor individuals in Southeast Asia. There are orphanages in Laos that Jeremy (and my parents) visited, and I wanted to make it there too and see why Jeremy was so connected to this place that he talked about so fondly.

Now I need your help. Instead of asking (or just receiving) graduation gifts, please consider donating to Shonna’s GoFundMe so that we can purchase underwear to take to the children at the orphanage. Shonna aims to raise $3,000 before we leave in honor of her 30th birthday and my graduation. Some of the money we will use towards underwear (there’s only so much we can carry), and the rest will be donated to Windhorse.

I feel beyond lucky that I have the opportunity to travel the world and see this amazing place that Jeremy loved. I can’t wait to share my adventure with you.

Here is Shonna’s link:

Link to Windhorse Foundation:

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