My Tuesday…

I took this photo this afternoon from the rooftop of one of the famous department stores, Galleries Lafayettes. I had been wanting to go up there for awhile, but Paris is like Seattle, sometimes the weather is just completely unpredictable. Today was perfect. It was cold but not too cold, and I didn’t even care for that matter. Here I was, standing on a roof of a giant department store (with not that many people, I might add. Guess the Chanel downstairs was more beautiful than this…?) and watching the sun set over “my” city. No, I didn’t get this picture off the internet. It looks fake, no? Someone pinch me, I can’t seriously be leaving.Image

5 thoughts on “My Tuesday…

  1. Joe Ashley says:

    I still love reding of your thoughts and adventures. I have been to galleries Lafayettes many times( one of our favorites) but never on the roof.

    All is well here. We had great Hanukkah evening at my house. About 20 people. Yes your mom and dad were here. Lauren couldn’t make it.

    Seems like all good things have to come to n end and you will be black soon. Let’s pick a time for dinner you and I at your favorite place.

    I love you,

    Joe Sent from my iPad

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