C’est Si Bon (It’s so good)

The title of this post is one of my favorite French songs that’s super jazzy and just sounds like a cliche love story movie that takes place in Paris. Probably why I love it so much. I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon walking around the city by myself, a date with me and my favorite companion, Pair-ee. I mention this song because I brought my iPod with me, listening to some of my favorite French and jazz music. I pretty much had my own soundtrack to my afternoon. Where’s Woody Allen when you need him?

I started out at Sainte Chapelle on l’Ile de la Cite, which is right next to Notre Dame. I chose yesterday to go see this super famous church because it is known for its breathtaking stained-glass windows. The entire church’s walls are made out of them, and each specific window contains different images that can be “read” like a story. I didn’t bother to spend the time there to try and decipher each one with my neck careened back looking up at them, but I could easily look all of them up online and find out what they mean. I was so taken aback by this little hidden gem of a place that not very many people talk about. But it is pretty old (1200s, by Paris standards), and is one of the most-restored places of the 19th Century. I have uploaded my favorite picture I took from my outing onto my page.

From there, I walked past les marches aux fleurs on l’Ile de la Cite, which were swamped with people crowded around the cages on cages of birds. I continued along and went to Pont de l’Archeveque, which is one of the bridges in Paris completely taken over by “lover’s locks.” People have started to put locks on bridges all around the city now, due to the popularity of Pont des Arts, which is famous for that reason. Since I don’t have a “lover,” I’m putting the one lock I have, one that I have been using for my hostel trips, on the bridge with one my friends right before we leave. How romantic…


From there, I walked along the other side of the Seine, the right bank. I walked pretty far down, until I saw signs for la Bastille, where I turned and walked up to le Bassin de l’Arsenal, a port. I stayed there for awhile and took a ton of pictures, while listening to people playing guitar or sitting on their boat decks enjoying the afternoon.

I walked a bit further up, with my goal to reach Pere Lachaise, a cemetery, but I got tired and took the metro back home, since I had to cook dinner for Madame.

For “Diner a la Sasha” I made risotto with marscepone and porcini mushrooms, salmon, and a mache salad. She made the apple tart dessert, and both of us together had a fabulous meal. I wanted to cook for my host mom after going to Le Cordon Bleu, and she said she would be happy to buy all the ingredients as long as I cooked! I was more than happy to do it. But last night she came into the kitchen about 30 minutes in, and decided to instruct me on how to do it,  just like my dad enjoys doing in our kitchen… I felt like I was right at home!

Someone from my program who is spending the year here asked me about my host mom because she wants to change families next semester. Today, I found out she got placed with my host granny, and I have to say, it made me feel bittersweet knowing that I will soon be replaced by another student and that I am, in fact, leaving. I will miss my host mom a lot, I know. She is so kind and easy-going and I feel truly blessed that I got so lucky to stay with her.

After my first Thanksgiving away from home, I was feeling a little homesick, but I know that the next 3 weeks or so will fly by. I still have so much to do before then!

Happy monday, ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “C’est Si Bon (It’s so good)

  1. gandmere says:

    Tres bien voyage dans les rues de Paris. Un otre “must” avant votre depart est un voyage a Chatres. Cest un hour hors de Paris et vaux le peine. Il y a un tour d’abitude en englais deux fois par jour, a midi et a 15hr. Le vieille village a cote de l’eglise est extrordinaire.aussi / Bon chance

  2. Claire T. says:

    Sashaa, I dont want you to leave France !!!! Le temps est passé tellement vite et je viens de réaliser que l’on n’allait pas se revoir avant longtemps 😥 I miss you so much ❤

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