Drunk on Paris

I know you were all worried my life was getting too boring for you to read about, so I just had to go out and do lots of really uninteresting stuff to keep you mildly entertained. Don’t worry, I know you won’t be jealous of me at all when I tell you the events of this week: free wine tasting at school Wednesday afternoon, free visits to Musee d’Orsay and tour of Montmartre, I got to the Macklemore concert with a +1 on the list, program welcome dinner on a boat on la Seine, and a weekend full of really terrible French pastries. I know it’s not much, but I guess I’m happy with it.

If you can’t detect my sarcasm, you should probably stop reading now.

After this week of “prepodeutique” language class (aka filling out worksheets and looking at French cartoons/listening to songs), I am definitely not looking forward to starting real school next week. The class I was most excited for (18th and 19th century art) got canceled due to the lack of interest in the class and I was thoroughly disappointed seeing as how I would have an edge when it came to essay-writing whilst living with Madame, a true historian on this particular subject. I laughed at the fact that my homework involved filling out simple worksheets, but at the same time it was a nice way to ease into schoolwork.

Thursday night was unreal. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were having a show in Paris as I saw from their tour page online a few months back. When I went to go buy tickets online, the show was sold out. I freaked and sent an email to his girlfriend/manager Tricia asking if she had tickets on reserve I could buy. Lo and behold she actually put me on the guest list with a plus one! For those of you who don’t know, Macklemore is a group from my hometown, Seattle, who has recently gotten a lot more famous. I got involved with his music a few years back, most likely from a shared Facebook link of his song “The Town” about Seattle. I became obsessed. Last October, I saw on his page that they were doing a casting call for their song “And We Danced,” a huge fan favorite. I was at school at the time, but being the impulsive crazy person I am I jumped at the opportunity (after being accepted) and bought a plane ticket home for the weekend JUST to be in the video. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s hilarious. But don’t be expecting to see me, because you can’t. After that, I still intensely listened to his music and followed his career, and this summer I had another opportunity to be in his latest video, “Thrift Shop.” Now in that one, you CAN see me. (I attached a link so all you lazy people don’t have to do any work to see it).


Anyways, back to Thursday. I invited a friend from Santa Clara to go with me and when it came to the day of, she told me she was sick and didn’t want to go. I thought I would have no problem whatsoever finding another person to be my plus one (it was free after all), yet I spent the entire day stressed out texting everyone I knew (and didn’t know.) But I finally scored a date! The actual show was fantastic – Macklemore (Ben) is a true performer and crowd pleaser. But the part I really enjoyed was watching how the audience reacted to him. It took my breath away. Being so far away from home and seeing how many people love to listen to his music made me so proud of everything that he has accomplished and where I come from. I hung around after the show to say hi to Tricia and Ben and a couple other guys from the band bought my friends and I drinks at a bar next door. The night couldn’t have been better.

As for the rest of my week, I guess it couldn’t quite match up to Thursday but the happiness definitely overflowed into my weekend. My friends and I brunched at Laduree Saturday afternoon and it definitely deserved all the hype it gets. However, be prepared to drop a decent amount of money if you ever go (140euro easily for a brunch meal for two). We all split 8 mini macaroons of assorted flavors and I decided I’m bringing those home in December… if I have any money left that is.

I can’t upload any more photos until October since apparently I exceeded my limit through my free account, but stay tuned for tales from Oktoberfest next weekend.

Here are just a few snapshots from this week:

Love to all.

2 thoughts on “Drunk on Paris

  1. Karen Souza says:

    DearSasha, I have been loving your blog and picturesParis is my favorite city in the world!! Hope you have time to see Wayne next week, he is arriving Tuesday morning. ENJOY everything to the max, and think of me now and then when having a chausson aux pommes and espresso!! love, Karen

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