I’ve been having trouble uploading any photos because the internet connection takes too long. But it is in the works!

The other day we visited the Vieille Ville d’Annecy, which is actually quite modern with a mall and lots of shops. But the little town resembles the streets of Venice with little rivers in between the shop buildings. I had forgotten that I had visited the town when I was here last, and when the girls told me we were going to Annecy to go shopping, I didn’t think to bring my camera because I thought we were just shopping. Quelle dommage! I was disappointed when I remembered/saw how cute it was but I managed to take some pictures with my phone that didn’t come out too badly.

We’ve been doing a lot of relaxing. I actually slept until 1:30pm the other day, a new record for this year! I guess I must still have a bit of jet lag in me.

With the weather not on our side, it has been difficult finding fun things to do. I’m happy to relax and drink tea and admire my surroundings, but I think the girls feel bad and want me to be entertained all the time. I’m content getting better at French and doing whatever it is the French like to do – eat.

Yesterday was really fun. Rox, Claire, and I took bikes to a spot just on the other side of the French-Swiss border and biked further into town along a biker/runner route which follows along the edge of the lake, so the view was breathtaking the whole time. I had to keep demanding that we stop so I could take pictures, the tourist that I am. We biked to Montreux, which was flooded with tourists and the like, since the day was rather nice. We sat outside and I ordered myself a Rose de Montreux then we hopped on our bikes and rode back. And when I say hopped, I mean I gently eased myself back onto the seat as my rear end was already pleading for me to stop. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty sore today… How so many of my friends have biked from Portland to Montana, STP, RAMROD, or just from Mercer Island to Renton without getting picked up on a boat at Kidd Valley (me), I really have no idea. Great admiration, over here, from Sore-Bottom-Sash.

Last night we watched Harry Potter in French of course, and I was laughing the whole time because every single name is different. Even Hogwarts is called Pudlard. Then today we went and saw “Brave” aka “Rebelle” and I was pretty much able to understand everything! Granted, the movie is made for children so they speak simply and slowly, but I was happy to be laughing at all the right moments.

I bought a little notebook today with A-Z letters par recommendation of my hosts so that I can write down all the new vocab I’m learning. Too bad none of us can remember the words I demanded to know at that time.

Pictures to come!


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